I think the hardest part of trying to get MY novel written, is that I have restricted myself on the reading front. I am not allowed to buy or start reading any new books until April.  I can read any book that I have already started (there are a few), but the idea is to not get engrossed in someone else’s plot, so that mine might emerge.

And of course that means all my favorite authors will come out with a new book before April.  I’ve already seen two at the bookstore that I want to read.  “And why were you at a bookstore, when you are on restriction“, you ask? Because I also knit, and I was looking for a good knitting magazine.  (Magazines don’t count, as the articles are usually short and sweet, and in the case of knitting- mostly instructional.)

Plus- I find books comforting.  And right now- not being able to buy one is only mildly distressing.  They are my friends, and they are good at waiting. They will still be there in April.  And hopefully I will have something that with revision and polishing, will be worthy to join their ranks.