I have had this character roaming around my brain since high school.  She is my very first, fully developed character, and I have been wanting to do something with her for years.

My original attempt was met with disaster. My outline was too restrictive, and we fought constantly. Finally- she just stopped talking to me for several months, and I shelved that attempt.

Well, now I want to try again, but I need to find that happy medium where I can sort of keep her on track, but also give her freedom to wander a bit.  At least she’s talking to me again.  For instance- the boyfriend I originally had for her is all wrong, and she let me know it.  She just would not be attracted to someone like that, even if it was only supposed to be short-term.  *sigh* Now I have to find her a suitable guy, even though I know this one is only short term as well.  Of my three plot choices- all three involve wasting a little time in a relationship…