14 little skeins of Tahki Tweedy Classic Cotton.

I’ve had it for six years, and I don’t know what to do with it.
I bought it originally, because I thought I wanted to make a cute little Jester Jacket out of it. But it’s still sitting here.

I think my subconscious doesn’t know if it actually likes the colorway or not. See- I love variegated/ombre/gradient yarn. But this one doesn’t do subtle slow color changes. It does them ALL at once. And I just don’t know if I like that it does that. My hubby calls the colorway Cat Vomit. But I actually think it’s more Jester/Circus, if that makes any sense.

My photos can’t capture the color exactly- it’s somewhere between these two pictures.



So. Instead of continuing to be undecided- I think I’ll just sell it if I can. I’ve put it in my Ravelry stash.