So I’m probably going to have to break down and get a Pinterest account.

What has taken me so long? (Some of you may have put an impolite spin on this question, and I’m going to ignore it. You’re welcome.)

The answer is the fine print. I know most of you don’t read the fine print, but the Pinterest fine print basically says that ANY ORIGINAL THING you pin is THEIR property and they can use it any way they see fit. It also pretty much says that if you pin something that makes the original creator angry- they will give you up so fast- your head will spin.

I don’t like either stance. It feels like I’m bait in a bear trap.

But- I’m tired of the limited viewing Pinterest gives me. After 3 or so pins- it starts asking me to login or signup. And you can’t get rid of it. And there are a lot of yarn (and yarn-related goodness) that I can’t get to, under that nagging login message. So I may break down and sign up for an account. Just so I can view all the lovelies. I don’t plan on pinning anything original, there – EVER. And I do hope to keep my yarn lust moderately contained. (If you snickered at that last comment- you are probably right.)