Will be in my neighborhood from this Thursday to Sunday. I am excited.

However- I will not be attending any classes.

(Okay- stop gasping. Let me explain.)

The truth is- I kind of forgot about it until last month. And upon looking- the two classes I REALLY wanted to take were already full. And the two other classes I kind of wanted to take were already full.

And then things exploded at work.

So. I honestly won’t have time to take off and attend classes. And while that is a shame- I can go and play with all the Market goodies. And maybe attend a Market session or two. And that is what I plan to do.

I mostly assume that these conventions run like normal SciFi or Anime conventions. I’ve been to loads of those, and the rule of thumb is the best time to hit the Dealer’s Room (aka the market) is to go when panels are in session. Of course the difference between a yarn craft convention and a regular convention is that you register for panels (classes) in advance. In the SciFi/Anime/Fantasy arena- it’s first come, first served. So you kind of camp out near your selected panel and wait. And wait. And wait some more. And wait. (This is actually where being a knitter/crocheter comes in handy as you can get a fair amount of work done. Double points if you’re working on something or wearing something related to the panel you’re going to.)

So while I will miss the waiting, I am looking forward to at least partially experiencing a craft convention. (Don’t laugh about the waiting- it’s how you can tell the veteran convention goers from the newbies. Veterans shut up and use the time to finish costumes, or do yarn craft, or sleep. Newbies complain. And pace. And complain.)