So Helm’s Deep is mad at me. I base this on the fact that it is a tangled, gnarled mess, that I’m having to unravel, as I wind it into a center pull ball. Now- please note that I’m not blaming AHR at all. In fact- those hanks they put them in are a thing of beauty! And the way they wound it into hanks- I would have normally had absolutely no trouble winding it up. (In fact- this is the smoothest wound hank I have ever seen. No lie.) But I have waited almost a week to do more that pet Helm’s Deep, so he’s mad at me. Thus he is making my life difficult at the moment. Because he can. And he’s going to have to wait a few more days, because I can’t order his accent colors until tomorrow (Friday), which means they won’t show up until sometime next week.

But- I have decided what I want to do: Neapolitan Mitts. Once I get the concept for the colorwork down- I plan to continue it with a hat and vertically knit scarf. I plan to go darker to lighter, so the wrist part will be a close purple, then Helm’s Deep, then ending in white. Funny thing is- stranded colorwork is supposed to be one of my fears. But my love for Helm’s Deep is so… well… DEEP, that it’s not bothering me. At all. Go figure. I almost chose Dapper Dame, but my brain said that I might want to start with something simple, so I don’t scare the crap out of myself. So- I will try Neapolitan Mitts. If it doesn’t look right, I will frog it and switch to Dapper Dame. And if all else fails- there is always Houndstooth. Actually- Houndstooth doesn’t sound like a bad idea… I rarely see it nowadays, so it may be time for a comeback! Maybe a tri-color Houndstooth?

(I must remind myself that this is sport weight yarn. And while a hat and fingerless gloves won’t kill me- a scarf might.)

A normal sport weight hat is about 300 yards.
A normal sport weight glove is about 200 yards (I hope that is a PAIR of gloves).
A normal sport weight scarf is about 700 yards.

So that’s about 1,200 yards total. Add 100 yards for user error, so that means I need about 1,300 yards of yarn.

If I go with the Neapolitan color scheme- it’s about 70/30. 70% Helm’s Deep and 30% everything else. Crap- I don’t have that much Helm’s Deep. And I don’t want to invert the color scheme, so that throws out Neapolitan just on yardage.

Dapper Dame looks to be a 60/40 mix, but I don’t think I would mind it inverted. So an inverted Dapper Dame color scheme would require about 520 yards of Helm’s Deep. That is doable. So I would need 910 yards of the accent color.

Houndstooth is probably 55/45. if not 60/40. It’s not exactly half, as you use slightly more of the dominant color (which is usually the darker color). So if I invert the Houndstooth- it would require the same yardage as Dapper Dame. If I do a tri-color Houndstooth- I would have to decide which yarn is going to be dominant (or if I need to devise some sort of tradeoff). So it would either be 60/20/20, or 34/33/33. So I would need 780 yards of something and 260 of something else (accent colors), or 430 yards of each accent color.

So to be safe- I need to buy 910 yards of one accent color, and 430 yards of another accent color. Brava is 273 yards per ball, so I would need 4 balls of the 1st accent and 2 balls of the second accent color. Since I definitely want to work with the Seraphim – I need 4 balls of wine and 2 balls of Seraphim. I’m going to make that 3 balls of Seraphim, just in case. It just doesn’t FEEL like 2 balls would be enough.

I think I have a plan! (Or a couple of plans, but who’s counting?)
Thanks for listening to me while I talked myself through it!