It’s bad when you want to work with a yarn sooo much that you do one of the things you don’t like doing- you knit a guage swatch. It was partially to take my mind off of the wait for the Knitpicks complementing yarn I selected (it should be here some time tomorrow), and partially just to FEEL it in motion. So- here is my Helm’s Deep swatch:

Helm's Deep swatch

Isn’t that gorgeous? It is unblocked of course- I have no yarn to waste. So as soon as I got reliable figures- it was frogged and wound back into the cake. And waiting is the bad part. I have too much time to think of things to do with these colors, both in stranded colorwork, and in regular patterns.

I have also decided that in addition to the 2nd hat that I will be casting on for my friend Tracy- I’ll do a few ear warmers instead of adding flaps to the hat. This way- when it’s just her ears that are cold- she can wear the ear warmers. And when she needs both her ears and her head covered- she can wear both. Options. She will have them. This is not an official WIP as I can’t start on these till probably August, but it’s nice to have a plan. And I may just go ahead and put the project on my Ravelry page, as I have been putting the months in the names (like Feb2015: Pi Shawl), so I can see at a glance how current or behind I am on my crafting vow.

In other WIP news- I took a picture of my FIL blanket for you:

FIL Blanket
This thing is working up to be HUGE. It’s only at 30%, and it’s already tall enough to cover half the width of my bed. Good thing my FIL is tall. I love the colors though. If you notice though- it is bunched up on the needles, so it is wider (and probably taller) than it looks in the picture.

So- what’s on your needles?