That didn’t take long.

So. In case you missed the other 50 gajillion Helm’s Deep-related posts- I don’t exactly have a pattern I’m following. I’m winging it.

But- I am not unprepared. I have watched bunches of colorwork videos (pretty much everything YouTube has to offer), so I know what I’m going into.

I am not afraid.

I am, however, BORED.

Let me explain. I decided to start my Helm’s Deep adventure off with a nice hat. This hat will be FANTASTIC come cold weather. I also decided that I’m going with a Doctor Who motif. Also FANTASTIC. Showing off some lovely yarns, and my geekery. I decided to start with a corrugated ribbing. Excellent. Get into the colorwork early and get comfortable with it. (Plus- the alternating colors look AWESOME!)

BUT- this is where I run into my nemesis- ribbing that isn’t a part of the central pattern. I hate non-pattern ribbing. HATE IT. To me, it’s like getting through those little plastic easter eggs. You could care less how pretty the egg is- you just want what’s INSIDE. And I thought that maybe the colorwork would distract from the fact that I am doing ribbing, but that lasted all of half a row. Once I figured out which hand was going to hold the second color- the fascination with corrugated ribbing faded; and I realized that while it is going to look great- it’s still NON-pattern ribbing. So now I have to trudge through an undetermined amount of ribbing and wait. And wait. And wait. (It’s a mental thing. Just go with me.)

See- with worsted weight yarn (my usual yarn of choice), I could rib until I get sick of it, and then switch to the main pattern. I usually get there somewhere during the third row. So I finish out that row, and whisk myself off to pattern knitting (which I love… even mindless stockinette). But sport weight is smaller and I’ve never worked with it before. So I don’t exactly know how many rows I will have to endure. I’m thinking probably around 10 rows. *sigh* 9 more rows to go.

I am also fairly certain that with the addition of colorwork to ribbing (Helm’s Deep is providing the extra spash of color), that I’m probably going to run out and have none for the scarf. That was your plan all along, wasn’t it Helm’s Deep? Make me love you, and use you, and have to buy more? I knew it! You vixen.

(What? You want pictures? Nooooo. You’ll have to wait until WIP Monday. Hopefully I’ll have the ribbing either done or mostly done by then.)