This post is coming in a little late (I usually post in the mornings), but you know how it is with holidays- your schedule gets all out of whack.

Here is my current progress on my FIL blanket:

If it doesn’t look like much- compare it:

Original Pic:

Current Progress:

(Here’s a hint- count the blue stripes.  They accidentally started a pattern that I like, so I will be continuing that blue stripe regularly.)

And here is my progress on the colorwork hat:

I would like to be farther on that one, but I’ve been making myself work on the blanket.  After all-  Father’s Day is June 21st.  And that is now less than a month away!  Yikes- time is flying faster than I’d like it to!

And I have husband socks to knit… daddy’s girlfriend’s shawl… and another hat plus earwarmers for my friend Tracy.  Must finish this blanket!  It’s the time suck.  Once it’s done, there will be room for the others.