Walmart. I was a poor 20-something, not in college, but not remotely established person, and I did most of my clothes shopping at Walmart. I hate shopping, and will only do non-FOOD shopping when I absolutely have to. So some of my tops were wearing out, and I absolutely NEEDED new clothes. So I bought a few sweaters (same composition, one was yellow and one was blue) and I think some jeans, and took my new purchases home. Those sweaters were the absolute epitome of scratchy. And that is what triggered my wanting to learn how to knit.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could make a less scratchy sweater, even if I used the cheapest, scratchiest yarn I could find. So- I set about teaching myself to knit. It took awhile. But I learned. And I love it. It also helps my ADD.

And bizarrely- I haven’t actually knitted a sweater for myself yet.
And it’s been twelve years.