One more Class Swatch down!

Here is the 3×3 rib:
3x3 Rib

And I have a new project on the horizon. A friend just found out that she’s going to be a grandmother. So she wants me to make her a gender neutral cowboy/girl outfit like this one:

Baby cowgirl

Problem is- the only outfits I have found on Ravelry or Pinterest have all been crocheted. Seriously! There’s like 20 different crochet patterns (and 50 more exaggerations of the same), but exactly ZERO knit patterns. Now to be fair- I have found cowboy sweaters, felted knit boots, and a ton of kind of rough-looking doll clothes, but no complete cowboy/girl outfits. And there are very few adult cowboy/girl outfits as well. How did this go unnoticed?!?

*sigh* Looks like I’ll either be converting a pattern, or making my own. At least I have about 8 months before the bundle of joy is due to arrive…