As it is still Father’s Day (for me – I currently have 5 1/2 more hours), I thought I would show you the completed blanket!

I think next time (yes there will be a next time), I will include a I-cord edge, as the selvedges sometimes look a little rustic.  We went to visit family on Saturday, so they saw the blanket I was madly trying to finish.  And one family member wistfully wished for one out loud.  In purple.  And she’s a sweetheart… so… yeah.  I’ll probably be casting on another of these neverending blankets sometime in July.  She’s shorter than my father-in-law, so I can cast on probably 220 stitches and be okay.

The finished adult-sized blanket measures 88 inches wide by 95 inches long.  Yeah, it’s HUGE.