Same place on the colorwork hat:

But now I can get back to work on that one, since I am finally FREE from obligation!
And I FINALLY finished my FIL Mitered Square Blanket (as the previous post shows), but my hands still wanted to knit. (Knit every day for a week, and they get suddenly want more!) I hadn’t really expected to finish early (we were visiting relatives, so I was chatting and knitting, and suddenly it was done), and I hadn’t brought anything else to knit on. So I cast on with some blanket leftovers for something to do.

And it ended up being this:

Don’t let the bunching fool you – this scarf will be close to five feet long! I love vertical scarves. You knit them lengthwise, and somehow it tricks the brain into going faster. I never end up in Scarf Zone with vertical scarves (you know, when you hit about three feet, and you knit and knit and knit, and it never seems to get any larger?), because I generally know how many rows I will be knitting. This scarf will be 34 rows wide, and I have already knit 27 of those rows. I just ran out of gray, so once I get more gray- I can complete that other side. It will take MAYBE an hour to finish. It really is a quick knit. Start to finish- I think it will take four hours. Almost instant gratification!

Here is a pic of an end, so you can see what it will basically look like, once I bind off and it’s free of the needles:

I knew I wanted to use up the gray (which I did, just a little too soon), and the ivory was a lovely complement to the gray. But I wanted something flashy in the middle. At first I wanted to dig out one of my sparkly yarns… (You know- the yarns you generally see around Christmastime; and thank goodness they have branched out from the normal only red sparkly and green sparkly, to a spectrum of holiday sparklies.) BUT nothing seemed to go with the gray and ivory without screaming “CHRISTMAS SCARF!!!”, so I decided to use one of my NORO-like yarns. Red Heart BOUTIQUE Unforgettable in the Sunrise colorway. It’s a burst of brightness!

I think I will put some sort of edging on the ends, but I’m not sure what. I hate tassels (and bobbles and pom poms), so it will not be ANY of those. (And yes- I will put tassels or bobbles or pom poms, if the person I’m knitting for WANTS tassels or bobbles or pom poms. I just don’t put them on unclaimed items, as I usually end up wearing said unclaimed items.) And apparently it’s not too over the top, because Hubby wants the scarf. He doesn’t want to “officially” claim it, in case I had my heart set on it; but it really was ‘I-need-something-to-do’ knitting, so I have no problems with him having it.

Oh, and in other news- I have found my stray size 11’s from my Addi Click Interchangeables. They were holding a half-finished swatch of Yarn Bee Soft Secret Yarn in Hot Orange. Hot Orange really doesn’t begin to describe the color. It’s a neon OMG-IT-HURTS-I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-SOO-BRIGHT Orange color. And it’s for my dad’s girlfriend. She loves orange. Specifically University of Tennessee orange. (She’s not a sports fan, but that is the EXACT orange she likes. She’ll take other oranges, but that UnivTN shade is her exact favorite orange.) And this neon OMG-IT-HURTS color is very close to that shade. *sigh* So if you catch me in public, knitting with sunglasses on… even if I’m INDOORS – you’ll know why.

Now my size 4’s have walked off. But I sort of know where those are. When I made Aubrey, I briefly experimented with knitting him on size 4 needles. But they felt too small, so I ended up knitting him on size 6’s. So theoretically- the size 4 needles SHOULD BE with the leftover Aubrey yarn. Right? *crickets*