Yesterday, I talked about the current projects on my needles. I should have added the example swatches for my Knitting Class. I have six more of those to do.

But now I want to talk about future projects (or what I have left to do this year):

1. I need to steek something. (per THIS post)
It’s the only thing left that I am afraid of and I have not tried. This will probably be some sort of sweater for me. 😀

2. Purple blanket for Hubby’s Aunt. (I think I will do a different one, and let the mitred square rest a bit.)

Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket – I’ve done tilting blocks before – making it bigger should be easy.
Heirloom Baby Blanket – Again, making it bigger should be easy.
Cables Blanket – I’m kind of itching to do more cables…

I thought about entrelac, because I love the look of it. However- I’m slow at that, as it requires thought. I want a mindless pattern that I can easily commit to memory or that requires very little thought (and is worsted weight or close).

3. Husband socks (He requested them, so they really should be top of this list.) I already have the yarn for them. Some lovely CotLin from Knitpicks. From all of the comments I have seen- it’s a very strong, workhorse yarn. And I need something durable for Hubby.  I won’t be able to cheat on this one, though.  I will have to do a full swatch (AND bind it off, AND block it), since some comments say that this yarn will shrink in length and grown in width.

4. Tracy hat (Since the previous one did not have ear flaps.  Silly me.)

5. Orange shawl for daddy’s girlfriend.

Here are the contenders:
EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl
Princess Lace Wrap
Greek Key Lace Scarf

(If you have any suggestions on an elegant-looking shawl in Sport weight or above… I’ll even take fingering weight… Feel free to link to them in the comments!)

So I think the ORDER of the above projects will be 3, 2, 4, 5, and then 1. Yes I know I’m putting myself last again; but I consider the requests (for knitworthy people) to be more important than knitting for myself.