This is what I have posted so far:

1. Garter Stitch

2. Stockinette

3. 3×3 Rib

4. 8-stitch Cable

And I finally finished two more last night:

5. Feather and Fan

6. Simple Color Change

I have to say- although I have always loved the way Feather and Fan looks- I may not do it again. It is not a pattern that treats tight knitters well. That is what took sooo long- I spent three days trudging through this pattern. And it’s not hard. I just had to consciously slow down and make the purl stitches loose, so that when I do the K2Togs on the next row- I’d have enough room to squeeze both needles into the loops. And even then- I still had to fight them. Perhaps I’ll go up a needle size next time. Make sure I have a little extra room…