Thanks to Stephy @ StephySweetBakes for giving me this challenge (your recipes are awesome!) I think I will regularly include quotes after this challenge. I like the idea.

My quote:

There are some people in my life who only read when it comes to road signs (no books, no newspapers); and even then- the sign is only a suggestion.

There are people who will not expand their knowledge. These are usually the people who are so afraid that you will be better than them, then they try to sabotage you any way they can.

There are also people who would rather you tell them what they need to know, instead of reading it for themselves (case and point- a lot of people at church – any church).

All of these people make me sad.

My grandmother never graduated high school, but she was one of the smartest people I knew.  She was never afraid to tell you she didn’t know something, and was also never afraid to go find the answer.  And if she couldn’t find it- she could usually refer you to half a dozen people who could.  She read a LOT.  Also she didn’t like TV all that much.  She would watch PBS or game shows, but you could keep the rest.  She only really kept the TV on, for the noise, so the house didn’t sound so quiet.  I remember when she was in her 80’s- she asked me if she should go back to school and get her GED.  I told her I thought she could do it, but honestly- she didn’t need it.  For her- it would have just been a piece of paper.  She learned more in life, than she ever would have in school.


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