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I actually learned this early in life. My mom was fond of saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” That’s a nice saying, but kids pick up far more from your actions, than they do from what you say. They learn how reliable or consistent you are… they learn how much stock to place in your words. They learn to have doubt when you say you will do something, but you don’t follow through.

For instance I learned that my mom has a lot of lofty ideas, but most of them never happen. My mom made a huge fuss about my turning 16. And I had a relative pass away shortly before it, so we ended up having the funeral on my birthday. Yes, a lovely time was had by all. <–sarcasm

My mom, first of all, denied up and down (when we found out about said relative) that they would have the funeral on my birthday. And then when we found out that yes, it would be on my birthday – she promised that we would have a big celebration at a later date. “Cause you only turn 16 once! We have to celebrate!”

I received a few presents… but I don’t even think I received a cake that year. And my birthdays always fell during Spring Break, so I never had the opportunity to celebrate with my school friends. Everyone was always off doing something fun, and they’d forget about me by the time we came back to school.

So I’m an adult now. But that party never happened. Yes I’m still waiting… at least for that cake.
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