So- I finished and blocked nine of the ten swatches for my Knitting Class. I had two stockinette swatches, and I left one unblocked to demonstrate the difference between the two. One sits nice and neat, and the other curls uncontrollably in several directions.

I also finished the second Business Time scarf. Yay, Hubby gets one!

So that puts my FO total for the year to EIGHT, and the number of UFO’s is down to TWO.

These two (you’ve seen them before, but the pretty always deserves pictures):

And those probably won’t get finished until September. If Saturday was any indication- my preparation for, and then teaching execution of mostly everything they need to know (to do the things they want to do) means that I will have to put aside my fun projects and plan the ones for them. That means more swatching, and probably casting on of samples and projects. Not a problem, since I have multiple size 8 needles (the size I am teaching them on).