So – I’m trying out this hat pattern for my class:

Basic Men’s Hat

It’s knit flat, and then seamed.

Here’s how it looks so far:

Now as you know- I hate non-pattern ribbing. I’m currently almost at 4 inches of ribbing (I was sick of it 2 inches ago). NORMALLY I would just switch to stockinette and keep going, but the pattern specifically calls for SIX INCHES OF RIBBING. SIX INCHES!!!!

So I’m going to tough it out. Plus- the ribbing does look fabulous.

And Hubby gets the hat if it fits.
He’s kind of not used to being the recipient of all this knitted stuff. Pretty much it’s an I started a knitting class, and he hit the knitwear lottery thing. But it’s only fair.

I make him get up early on a Saturday and carry my class tub around. (I also ask him to cook some sort of breakfast item for the class.) Then he sits for two hours in a class he is neither in, nor can really help with. Then he carries the class tub BACK home. He deserves to get at least something out of it.

If the hat doesn’t fit- I’ll adjust the sizing on the second one, so he can have that one. (Yes- that’s TWO class hats. One to make sure the pattern is not too difficult, and one to show them how to Finish. I plan to have them do a 3-Needle Bind-off, instead of kitchenering it together. I could never really get the hang of the Kitchener’s stitch, and I just like the 3-Needle Bind-Off.)

This hat is oddly making me want to knit a sweater. ┬áCause right now- it looks like the bottom of a sweater. ┬áLike I’m just knitting the front part…

At any rate- this hat will probably be finished by Saturday, so then I’ll start the second one.