Okay- let’s get this one out of the way. It’s (mostly) finished! It just needs felting.

It’s a pouch. Done in 100% fisherman’s wool. Not comfortable to knit with AT ALL. As a matter of fact- it’s the second least comfortable thing I’ve EVER knitted.

The first being a scarf made of sari silk, which was never finished, because the silk had absolutely no give, and broke in a dozen different places. I finally gave up and scrapped it. Beautiful to look at; soft to pet, but I’m never knitting with that stuff AGAIN.

Back to the pouch: I had the idea that if it was a quick knit- I could whip up 10 or so for my class. And felt them. And I can, but not by Saturday. So this little guy is probably going to hold my finishing needles or something. It reminds me of a Jayne hat…

So here are the three projects currently on my needles:

1. Class Hat:

2. Princess Lace Wrap:

3. Colorwork Hat:

So what’s on your needles?