Here is my completed Class Hat:

I haven’t decided exactly how to seam it, yet, so it looks like some sort of cowl/cape for a baby Superman. Normally I would just go ahead and seam it, but I’m trying to devise a relatively un-complicated method of seaming for my beginners. (If you haven’t noticed – I’m trying to stay away from a LOT of manipulation with the finishing needles. I feel it’s an unnecessary complication, when I’m trying to get people to fall in love with the craft.)

I was originally going to go with just a 3-Needle Bind-Off, but that creates an obvious ridge. On the outside- you can DEFINITELY tell it’s a seam, and I like invisible (or mostly invisible) seams. Put it on the inside, and you have a ridge rubbbing against the head. So I think I will do half a 3-needle (on the inside), and then maybe whip stitch the live stitches. It’s what you do on knitting machines, since the weighted hem you start with leaves you with live stitches on the bottom.

If anyone has any seaming suggestions, they would be welcome!