I was tired of looking at the Baby Superman cape, so I went ahead and seamed it up. So here is my seamed Class Hat!

Please excuse the poor model – it’s my breakfast hiding under there.

And here is a close-up of the 3-Needle Bind-Off seam:

My perfectionist knitter poked out for a minute and was saying, “Oh you could do a much better seam!” And yes, I can. If I wanted to spend an hour bent over my work, weaving slowly with a finishing needle.

But Beginner me? I would have rocked that seam like nobody’s business! It’s a perfectly good seam, it’s just not invisible. Now- it’s not a seam I would put on commission work, or work I would sell, but as a quick finish? I love it!

(So it’s probably a seam I will do again, especially on a I-just-want-a-quick-knit project.)

And class-wise- it’s easy to do, and doesn’t require any new skills (other than holding two left needles).

So- this hat is a complete win in my opinion!