I currently have only two things on my needles.

1. Lace Wrap Scarf


2. Helm’s Deep Scarf

I put the two ends together, so you can see where I’m headed with this one. I should have made border scarves a LONG time ago! It’s soo simple, yet, so striking! I will put some sort of star motif in the middle, but it’s mindless enough that I don’t have to really think about anything.

I started the Helm’s Deep scarf, because the yarn wanted to be used, and I wasn’t going to be able to get back to the hat any time soon (stranded colorwork requires thought). Plus- I had a baby shower to attend after my knitting class this past Saturday, and needed something to occupy my hands.

So what happened to the hat, you ask? I frogged it. (It’s okay!!!)

And if you’ll remember- the hat was a part of a hat/scarf/fingerless mittens SET, so I’m just doing the longest project of the set first. Plus- I kept thinking that fabulous corrogated ribbing should be longer. So I would have had to at least frog back to the ribbing part of it, ANYWAY.
Also, a by-product of knitting at a baby shower is that someone will inevitably volunteer you to make something for the baby. So guess what happened?

That’s right! Someone volunteered me to make a baby blanket.

I may do a generic blanket, but I kind of want to do alphabet blocks. I’m still in thought, but here’s my first pass at a rough color design:

TXT is the baby’s initials.