My Back to School supplies:

Yes, I know I’m not in school. But I needed another stapler (someone broke the one I bought about four years ago) and some decent sticky note pads.

My job orders cheap metal staplers that jam easily, and also cheap sticky note pads. So I buy my own in order to have a reliable working stapler, and properly sticky note pads. I keep everything I need to remember on sticky notes all around my monitor, so they really have to stick!

(And yes I’ve tried taping them to my monitor. It works, but when you have to take it off and re-stick – the tape will complain… and break… and it doesn’t want to restick. Did I mention they buy cheap tape as well? Properly sticky sticky notes do NOT complain. Or lose their sticky.)

The pens and composition notebook are to inspire me to get back to writing. I have enough work pens right now. (I also buy those, as my job orders the cheap stic pens that don’t half work.)

That lone pencil was a free gift for making a school donation. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. The only pencils I use nowadays are mechanical. And usually only for the RPG tabletop games I’m in.


My Stash:
18 Gallon / 68 Liter Class bin -I don’t actually consider this as part of my stash
26 Gallon / 99 Liter Clear Yarn bin
30 Gallon / 114 Liter Yarn bin

Misc Stash
1 small drawstring backpack of yarn
1 small bag of donated yarn
1 bookbag containing 1 current project and 1 future project
13 skeins of yarn in transit (If Herrschner’s will ship it someday soon)

It’s still only enough yarn to maybe last me MAYBE a year’s worth of projects if I only knit from my stash, and if at least three of those projects were blankets or lapghans.

So my stash does not exceed life expectancy. But my favorite patterns on Ravelry just might.

I will get around to actually showing you all my yarn someday. I just have been organizing and bagging (plastic sandwich bags) everything, so I’d hate to have to upend all of my bins just to get a picture. I should have done that first BEFORE I started organizing. But I can tell you how I work with the bins.

The Class bin is (obviously) for my knitting class. Anything I buy for them, try out for them, or print up (patterns and newsletters) for them goes in the bin. So swatches, samples, extra class yarn, extra class needles, etc etc. I don’t have to look for anything- it’s all in there, including any teaching supplies I may need. This is also where I’m keeping my extra needles temporarily. The idea is that if a student wants to cast on an individual project (outside of the homework or assignments for class), and they need another needle size- they can borrow mine. With the exception of my Addi click interchangeable set – I will let any of my students borrow any needles as long as they will actually USE them. I have multiples of several sizes (US size 6 and up), so loaning out a few pairs will not hurt me when it comes to MY projects.

The CLEAR 26 Gallon bin is for current or near future projects. Anything I already have project-designated yarn is stored in this bin. The idea is that I can SEE what I want to work on next. This way I don’t have to surf through the BIG bin.

I have an empty 18 gallon bin (same size as the Class bin), so when my new yarn comes – I will shift the yarn around appropriately so that the in-transit yarn can go in the clear bin, and some of the yarn currently in the clear bin (future projects that don’t have a due date) can move out. Also the donated yarn, and the yarn in the drawstring bag can go in this bin.

The 30 gallon bin is for the rest of the yarn.

The organzational IDEA is to eventually only have two bins, plus whatever On-The Go projects that move around with me, and the Class bin (which again- I don’t count as stash). So basically two bins (one for more long-term storage, and one for current and near-future projects), my normal bag, and the Class bin. I won’t be truly able to accomplish this until I do at least Aunt Linda’s blanket and the baby blanket. So… probably December.

The Class bin won’t go away for a while. And as I do want to eventually sell some of my creations- this bin will probably eventually turn into a sell bin.