Day 1: Make a list of what’s working for you and a list of what you want to improve.

I have actually already mostly worked this one out.

My yarn was all over the house (to the delight of the cat), and I had no idea where all of my needles were. (Which is partly why I kept using my interchangeables- I had a hard time finding my other needles!

So I bought a couple of storage bins, and my yarn is now in there. One clear bin for current/near-future projects, and one bin for the rest of the yarn. I need one more bin, and then everything (yarn-wise) will have a place.

As for my needles- I bought a second Addi Click case, and stored most of them in the second one (the first one actually stores my Addi Click interchangeable set). I need one more case, and I should have all my circulars tamed.

I have four sets of straight needles (1 set of US size 8s, 1 set of US size 11s, 1 set of US size 17s, and one set of US size 35s). I want to give away the size 8 needles. I have that size in about six circulars, so I don’t need those straights. I can probably also give away the size 11 needles as well. I have at least two circular size 11s (probably three), so I can safely say that I probably don’t need them.

I don’t much like working on straight needles anymore – I like for the weight of the project to be in my lap, not held up by my hands.

I need a dedicated yarn spot, though. Like an office or crafting room. This I do not have, and do not have the space to set one up. But logically- when we next move- I want a second room, where I can have a desk (for writing, and to have somewhere to keep my knitting notions) and a bookcase (for books – knitting and non-knitting). My yarn can stay in the bins (but in that office). So… improving upon the current design pretty much means moving. Which I want to do anyway. Our current square footage is not a lot for two adults and a fun-loving cat.