Day 2: WIPS: Keep or Frog

I currently have THREE WIPS:

1. Princess Lace Wrap
This is an involved pattern that needs a lot of attention. So it’s slow going.

2. Tina Lace Scarf
This is the one I’m doing instead of the Princess Lace Wrap. Tina will eventually get both, but this one requires little thought, so it will be a quicker finish than the other. Then I can take my time on the other. (And since my goal was to knit her a scarf/wrap/stole this year- this simpler pattern does qualify.)

3. Weasley sweater
This one doesn’t appear anywhere. I probably started it in 2009 (my previous peak year for knitted items), but it exists. It is a burgundy Red Heart Soft yarn, and I’ve knit the stomach area of it (it’s a bottom-up sweater). While I do plan to finish it- I don’t plan to do so this year. And I don’t need the needles it’s on, so it stays until I can get to it.

-BONUS- I technically have one more. Scroll Fingerless Gloves.
It’s hibernating, and also from 2009. I have ONE fingerless glove. This is before I started knitting them two-at-a-time, and is the reason why I signed up to learn that method. But I need to finish that second one. It was my own pattern, so I can duplicate it, but I’ll need to sit down with the first one and count how many stitches I cast on. (The notes are long gone, and I didn’t write much in the project note section on Ravelry. Bad me.)

Or I can just rock the one glove. Since there is no ‘right side’ – I can use it for the left or right hand.


My Ravelry Projects actually show FIVE WIPS.

1. Princess Lace Wrap (same as above)

2. Hubby Socks 2
Haven’t cast these on yet, but the yarn is in my everyday tote bag. I just need the right pattern.

3. Helm’s Deep Hat
This one actually was frogged and the yarn went straight into the Helm’s Deep SCARF that I just completed. But I keep it in my projects, because it’s supposed to be a three item SET – scarf, hat, and fingerless gloves. All of which I hope to have completed by the time it starts getting cold.

4. Tina Lace Scarf (same as above)

5. Sweater Sampler
– This is that weird little almost-hourglass-shaped THING that is from The Sweater Workshop. I want to complete a sampler before I embark on any of the sweaters/cardigans/hoodies I have in my favorites.

Since three of these haven’t been started- I don’t have to frog them. Everything else that WAS on my needles at one point has been frogged. I just need to take the time to relax the yarn and re-wind/re-cake it. (This includes half-finished DONATED projects. I just need to re-claim the yarn.)
So- that is four TOTAL projects that have been started. And four total projects that I want to keep. But this means that my WIP capacity (I only want a maximum of FOUR WIPS at any given time) is now full and I cannot start (cast on) any new projects until I finish one of these. Or frog that Princess Lace Wrap. (It’s the only one in danger of frogging, since I have already cast on it’s replacement.)