I’m going to combine three days. They are short posts, since my WIPS are mostly organized already, and it will get me through the weekend. 🙂


Day 3: Tips for Your WIPS

1. Don’t tie up your needles and hooks in your WIPs
– I currently have a size 8, and two size 10s in use. I had forgotten I even owned that particular size 8 (I believe it’s a Boyle), so it’s not like I need it right now. If I do- I’m in trouble. I have at LEAST six pairs of that size (at least seven, now that I’m counting this one), so if I am in need of this one- I have gone WAAAAAAY over my WIP limit. And I need to be stopped.

2. Leave a clue as to what size hook or needle you were using
– I’m going to add this stray project on size 8s to my project list, but other than needle size and how many stitches on the needles- this project is pretty generic.

3. Keep your swatch with your project
-I didn’t swatch for the Weasley sweater. 🙂
And I don’t generally keep my swatches. I do the four inches, enough to get gauge, and then I frog my swatch and use the yarn in my projects.

4. Write down details of where you left off on the pattern.
– No pattern to follow on the Weasley sweater- I was just going to wing it until I get to the sleeves.
-The pattern is with the Princess Lace Wrap and with the Diagonal Lace Scarf
-I need to rewrite the pattern for the Scroll Fingerless Gloves

5. Make a note of the size you’re making
-The scroll fingerless gloves are sized to my hand.
-The weasley sweater is loosely my size (it was meant to be a bit oversized, for coziness).
-The other two are one-sized.



Day 4: Storing Your WIPS

I store my current WIPS and near-future projects in my clear yarn bin.
This way I can see what I want to work on next.

And then I carry one WIP with me to work, or around town.

That’s it. Simple and sweet.



Day 5: Keeping Notes about Your WIPS

I have a Knitting Journal that is waaaay too small to be effective. You can just put an Address Book entry-sized note about the project and maybe tape a bit of the yarn next to it.

I prefer Ravelry.

I just need to learn to be more detailed. How many stitches I cast on and any pattern changes I made. And if there is no pattern- what I did to create the item.

So that is my project for this weekend. To make sure all my current WIPS have detailed notes. This way if I need to put them down and come back to them- I know where I am.