First up: My FO!

Diagonal Lace Scarf!

And the stitch definition:

I just need to block it, so the lace will stand out better.
I really do think knitting scarves vertically is faster. And I think it is faster, because you can’t quite check your progress. See- with regular scarf knitting- you can measure it at any point and say, “Okay- I’m at 2 feet, so that’s almost halfway. Only 3 feet to go.” With vertical knitting- since your whole height is on the needles, and mostly likely bunched up- you can’t measure that part. You can only measure width. And it seems to be easier to say, “Okay I’m at 3 inches, only 3 more inches to go.” Yes, your rows are longer, but you don’t seem to get that ‘it’s-not-getting-any bigger’ part in the middle.


WIP Monday!

What’s on my needles:

1. Aunt Linda’s Heirloom Blanket

-I had planned on this being a Christmas gift, but I kinda had to start this one NOW. She hasn’t forgotten about it. She called my Hubby this weekend, and that was the first thing she asked about. “Is she working on my blanket?” So yes, Aunt Linda- I am working on your blanket. I like this pattern. It’s easy enough to commit to memory, and just complicated enough to keep it interesting.

And I think I will rip back and make the color change at the lace panels, and keep the darker purple just for the garter stitch panels. From all the projects I’ve seen – it looks better that way.

2. Weasley Sweater
I don’t have a picture for this one. In my haste to get my entire stash photographed (see next post), I forgot to photograph my current sweater progress. But as I won’t be working on it till next year- I kind of don’t like having it as a WIP. But- it’s on needles, so it should be listed.

3. Scroll Fingerless Gloves
This one isn’t on needles, but I think I still want to make the second one. So it SORT OF counts. It’s hibernating in my Ravelry projects.

4. Princess Lace Wrap
I have actually frogged this one, but I still plan to make it. I’m going to change the orientation (yes, that means I’m going to knit it vertically), that might make for a quicker time. It’s a 24-row repeat, so I may only need to run through the pattern once… it depends on the width…

At any rate- I don’t have to decide on that now. Since the Diagonal Lace Scarf has been completed- this one doesn’t need attention till next year.

So that’s two items actually on my needles. I have room for two more! And I will need at least a third project, as that blanket will quickly grow out of being portable.