Day 7: Destashing Your Yarn

This one is pretty easy. I’m keeping all of it.

There are three exceptions:

1. The Tahki Yarn that is already listed for sale/trade in my Ravelry stash.

2. The recycled Sari Silk yarn that I will never try to knit with again, and I don’t really want to curse anyone with. So it is my mascot. I take it out and pet it.

3. The thick/thin yarn that I will probably give to Hubby to use as kitchen twine.  I can’t stand it, and there’s not enough to put up for Trade/Sell. I had three little skeins of it, but now I’m down to one. Don’t know what happened to the others… maybe they made it into Mommytwo’s (yes- I collect mothers) yarn donation pile.

Yes, there are yarns I don’t like, like the ribbon yarn or the fun fur yarn; but I know I will use them. Especially since I have gotten into making toys – fun fur makes great stuffed toy fur.