I’m about to break one of my rules. I told myself that I would NEVER re-blog someone else’s post. I thought it was tacky, and that the point of blogging in general is to be as original or true to yourself as possible. But this is a GREAT post, and I don’t think I can improve upon it.

It also gives me a LOT to think about, and kind of makes me want to knit myself a wardrobe, so I can leave as many fast-fashion clothes as I can behind.

The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

Those of us who make and use what we make are aware of the “true cost” (or at least truer cost) of, for instance, knitting a sock, weaving a hand towel, crocheting a blanket, carding fleece, spinning yarn and dying yarn. SockButtonRecently on a hot afternoon as I sat knitting (a sock), I viewed “The True Cost” (2015) on Netflix. A documentary, The True Cost explores the true cost and impact of “fast fashion” – a term new to me.  As opposed to the traditional two-season fashion releases per year, “fast fashion” is  52 seasons a year, something new every week. The result? 

Autumn Newell explains:  Today, overconsumption of cheap, poorly made clothing is contributing to epic waste generation. Items are often available at prices so low one can purchase a new piece of clothing for the same price as a bottled of water. These prices are…

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