Day 8: How To Recycle Yarn

“Once you decide which projects to frog, you have to get that yarn back into shape so you can work with it again. A lot of my WIPs have been sitting for months and even years. After I frog a project, the yarn is left crimped and crinkled from being knit up for so long.”

I have four of MY projects that were frogged (at some point) and need to be put back into shape. And I have about five projects that were donated to me that need to be put back into shape.

So. That’s nine projects that will need to be wound back into a hank, IDENTIFIED, soaked, dried, and wound back into balls. I don’t have a swift or a niddy noddy, but I DO have a yarn bin (the class bin) that is wider at the top than it is at the bottom, so I can wind them into hanks tonight. The soaking, drying, and winding part will have to wait till the weekend.