Day 14: How To Keep Moths and Other Critters Away From Your Yarn

This day is all about tips on how to keep annoying little critters away from your yarn and finished knitwear. Moth balls, of course, will keep moths from making a home in, and eating through your yarn stuffs. But- moth balls have a strong, medicine-y smell. You can try lavender – it is a natural moth repellent. Also blocks of cedar do well (that’s partially why the older generation used to store things in cedar chests).

Although I don’t mind lavender – I don’t want strong scents to permeate my yarn and clothing. Also- my husband is allergic to a lot of different trees, and I think cedar is one of them. I think my current system would work for most of the yarn-eating critters. And if it doesn’t- it will be hard for them to infect my whole stash. They’d pretty much need to go bag by bag- munching away.

I actually haven’t had any critter problems, but I’ve seen evidence where other people have. I’ve had a lot of yarn donated to me, and some have had mysterious holes in the yarn; and some have bug carapaces in them (if there are no eggs, then a good washing usually calms any nerves you have about that yarn). If there is ever a doubt- you probably want to throw it away.

But if you MUST keep it – I like this tip:

“If you discover the evidence of moths, take your whole stash (I know!!) and put it into a black plastic bag and leave it in your car with the windows up on a hot day for a few hours. The heat will kill the moths and the eggs – if you put it in the freezer, the eggs may just hatch when they warm up!”

(Plus- I don’t have enough freezer space for all that!)