Day 15: Organizing Your Craft Books, Magazines, and Pattern Books

Halfway there! (To be honest- I thought I would have been lazy and quit by now. Specially on adding my whole stash to Ravelry. And actually- I need to add the three no-longer-a-mystery balls to my stash. But other than that- I am current.)

Today’s post is about organizing your knitting books, magazines, and patterns.

Again- I’m ahead of the game on this one: all of my knitting books, physical patterns, and magazines reside in their own plastic bin. I don’t plan to destash any of them… with three exceptions:

1. I know I have two issues of Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2008.
2. I’m pretty sure I have two issues of Interweave Knits Summer 2008.
3. I thought I had lost my copy of the Knit Wit book, so I bought a second one. The first one wandered back, so now I have two.

Apparently I was having a brain fart when I bought these two magazines, and bought an extra copy of both.

The reason I’m not destashing any more than that, is because my tastes have changed since I started knitting. I still like things I liked back then, but I’ve also broadened my tastes. More things interest or excite me. Plus- I’ve learned to look past color and look at construction and pattern. So things that WERE hideous to me, are now doable- but in a different color.

I also have a bunch of sweater books published in the 80s. I want to redo the patterns, so they aren’t swallowing you whole, and see how they look.  Guess I need to put that on my To-Do list.

Most of my books/magazines have already been added to Ravelry (I was more diligent about that, than I was about adding stash yarn as it came home), so I’ve always been able to search within my library. That’s easier than actually flipping through each magazine.  Especially when you want to start something new, but you don’t want to pay for a new pattern.

P.S. – I’ve been nominated twice(!) for the Liebster Award.  I’m getting to it, I promise.  I’m just slow with answering the questions.