Day 16: Organizing Your Single Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Today is all about your physical magazines and pattern copies. I already know I have a few duplicates. Ravelry needs to make the library more like your stash, so you can put books and patterns up for sale/trade. But there may be copyright issues with that, depending on the country. Ah, well.

I keep my loose patterns in sheet protectors, in a binder.  My binder is sorted by category (baby, tops, dress, toys, etc etc). The books and magazines are not sorted.  Then the binder and the books and the magazines are all in a plastic bin.  There.  Sorted!  🙂

In other news: The socks I am supposed to make for Hubby have been stalled. Mostly for the Aunt Linda blanket, but also because I discovered this morning that I don’t want to work with the yarn. There’s nothing wrong with Cotlin… it’s just the color is BORING.

Compare the yarn:

to the first Hubby socks:

See? Boring.

I will make a pair out of this particular yarn, when I’m bored and need something for my hands to do. But for now- I’m looking for a brighter color that will meet Hubby’s preferences.