Day 17: Using and Reorganizing Your Ravelry Queue

Today is all about your Ravelry Queue. I don’t use my queue much. When I was a ravelrynewbie I found the queue function first, so there were pages and pages of patterns there. I have since added the patterns to my Favorites, and mostly cleared out my queue.

There are currently four patterns in my queue:

1. The Men’s Basic Hat – Of which I’ve already completed one; but as I need to complete one WITH my knitting class – it will stay at #1 until we start on it).
2. Retrofit – This looks like the perfect hoodie. Except it’s not a hoodie at all. So I want to make the pattern for Hubby and add a hood.
3. Cozy Cable Hooded Cardigan – I have wanted to make myself one of these for a looooong time.
4. Serenity Illusion Scarf – I want to get into illusion knitting, so this will probably be my first attempt at it.

You can add tags and deadlines to queued projects, so it is a good way to keep yourself on task if you like to set goals for yourself. I don’t use this feature. I have started to set goals, like this year’s principle goal is to complete 12 projects. That works out to one a month, which I think is completely doable. I never set WHAT projects to work on, as I like to keep myself open to the possibilities. Personally- I think if the Queue is supposed to be the most important function- it would be first in your notebook, and your projects would be second.


Day 18: Digital Patterns

I am forever losing paper copies of patterns (but only the patterns I am using at that time). Never patterns I just buy at an LYS (local yarn shop) on a whim. Because of this- I love digital patterns. I keep a copy of EVERYTHING on my portable hard drive, all neatly divided up into categories. Then I keep a copy of the pattern I am currently using on my smartphone, on my Kindle, and on my desktop at work.

If I buy the pattern somewhere else (not ravely) – I try to add the pattern to my favorites, then make a note in the tags that I own it and where that pattern is located (portable hard drive or pattern binder). If that pattern is in my pattern binder, and I want to use it- I will make a copy of it, and put it BACK in my pattern binder. (Because again- I have a talent for losing physical patterns.) What I NEED to start doing, is scan the pattern I’m using and make a pdf of it, so I don’t have to panic when I lose it later.

Good idea, me!

Day 19: Keeping Track of Your Pattern Library

This post is about what to do when you have patterns that aren’t in Ravely. Again- I have my pattern binder. However- it’s not like I go flip through the binder, when I want to start a new project. I’m more likely to ‘flip through’ my Ravelry Library or Favorites. So what I need to do is sit down with my pattern binder and go through looking for those patterns in Ravelry. If they are there- I’ll add them to my Favorites, and tag them so that I know they are in my binder. If they aren’t in Ravelry’s database AT ALL… then I might have to start some projects, just to add them. Let’s hope it won’t come to that.

That is my project for today. Get as many binder patterns marked in Ravelry as possible, then come up with a game plan for the ones that aren’t.