Day 20: Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks

Today is all about getting ALL of your knitting needles and crochet hooks together in one place. That’s right – ALL of them. Even the ones currently being used. Don’t take them OUT of their project- just have them in the same general area.

Now- start sorting the available ones by type. (Plastic, wooden, metal, etc etc etc)

As you’re sorting- make a separate pile for the ones you never use, or don’t like (or both). This part is going to be fun for me, because I have probably seven or so pairs of needles that I don’t use. (This is not counting the smaller size needles that I don’t use much because I’m not fond of lace knitting – I don’t hate them, they are just tiny in diameter.)

So once you have separated the needles/hooks you don’t use- look at the ones you have left. Do you have too many of one size? (Some of you are like me, in that you can never have too many of one size, especially if it’s your favorite size.) But these are the needles that should be entered into your Ravelry database.

As for the ones you don’t like? Give them away. Once I go through my needles and hooks tonight- I will be listing what I have that I don’t want on tomorrow’s (Day 21) organizing post. This way- if I have anything you want (or want to try), just let me know. We can work out a way to get it to you. I don’t believe in making people pay for my old needles, so they won’t cost you anything but shipping.

Why would you want something I don’t? People have different preferences. For instance – because of the way I grip the needles – I have two pair that are just too short (tip-wise) for me. I think I bought them to knit hats on, but I’d rather magic loop all my hats now (or knit them on straight needles), instead of using the short needles BECAUSE the short ones make my hands hurt. There is nothing wrong with them, otherwise. In fact- I have kept them around this long, because I couldn’t throw them away. (Perfectly good needles, and the only thing wrong with them is something that’s actually wrong with me? Keep them!)

I have a few needles with rough joins(in my opinion), but some people don’t mind that, either. And then there are the needles that just don’t have enough weight for me. Absolutely nothing wrong with them other than that. Yes- I have become a little picky, but I’d rather work with needles I love; rather than fight with them until I’m just tired of the project itself.