What is currently on my needles:

  1. Aunt Linda’s Heirloom Blanket

    1. I’m HALFWAY!!!  It took a little longer than I thought, because I had to add two panels to get the length I wanted.  Now it’s a tad bit too long, but I’d rather it be too long, than too short.
    2. I have until August 28th to finish it.  We go visit her on the 29th.  The good part is- I’m only decreasing from here on out.  And if I can knit two panels a night (1 lace panel and 1 garter panel), then I’ll make it.  If not- I’ll be knitting on the ride up there… and in the hotel room…

And of course there are the three others…

  1. Weasley Sweater
    I have the photo for this one, but it’s on my home computer. Will upload it once I get home tonight.
  2. Scroll Fingerless Gloves
    Still not on needles. But sitting patiently in it’s sandwich bag.
  3. Princess Lace Wrap
    Not started again yet. Probably won’t be till next year.

In other news:

I will be participating in NANOWRIMO this November (I participate every year, even if nothing particularly usable comes of it).  It’s a way of flexing my literary muscles.  So I will need to knit probably three projects in October, instead of my normal two (one major and one minor).  I won’t have time to knit very much (knitting and writing take up the same amount of usable free time), and dictating to software takes too long (plus I usually write in places with a lot of ambient noise).

So let’s take a look at where I am for my yearly goals, and my Project Queue:

Yearly goal – My Aunt Linda Blanket is Project #11 (I’m not counting the Class swatches as a project).  So once that is finished (by this weekend) – I will have only one more to do to finish my yearly goal of 12 projects.

Technique goal – The only one I have left to do is to steek something.  I have done a little colorwork (and I still have a little left to do, since I still have two more items to go in my Helm’s Deep set).  I have learned a simple cable (in my Class Swatches).

Project Queue:

1. Hubby socks – I think I’ll need to make two pairs. Either one proper pair of socks and one pair of anklets, OR one pair of anklets and some slippers.
2. Nano Ninja  – I need to make two of these. One black and white, and one white and tan. These should be quick knits.
3. Treveon Blanket – Baby blanket. I’m still toying with the alphabet blocks idea.  If not, just alternating diagonal stripes of color.
4. Hubby Hoodie
5. The other two Helm’s Deep items – 1 hat and 1 pair of fingerless gloves
6. Tracy hat
7. Baby cowboy set (The knit version of THIS PIC)

I figure I can do the first three in September.  And then 5 & 6 in October.  That leaves 4 and 7 for December and January. (The queue is supposed to take me to the end of January.  If I stick a Christmas scarf or two in there – it will.  If not- I’ll be twiddling my thumbs for at least half of January.)