Day 22: Keeping Track of Your Needles and Hooks

Today is all about keeping track of your needles/crochet hooks.

Like I advised two days ago- take all of your needles and put them in Ravelry (under needles and hooks). Don’t just put in the size, but also put in a description (like Addi metal, or Boyle blue metal, or Clover Takumi Bamboo). Ravelry says keeping track of your needles helps to avoid buying duplicates, but let’s be honest- having 30 of a particular size is not going to keep me from buying #31. But it WILL help me determine if I have a size I don’t normally use.

I wish there was a way to track your needles the way you track yarn. This way when you go to your needles, it will tell you that you have an Addi Turbo US size 8 in use, and a Clover Takumi Bamboo crochet hook size G in use. This way- if you are looking for particular needle pair/hook, you know it’s with a WIP. and a sort search through your Ravelry WIPS will tell you which project it’s with (and maybe where to find it). I think I will suggest this as a feature.

I started preparation for this day by zeroing out my needle inventory. I’m sure there are needles listed there that I no longer have, so starting from zero seemed to be the best way. I then added each needle pair by pair into my inventory, and included descriptions so I could at least partially remember each pair by it’s description. ALL of my needles are now in my Ravelry inventory. I have exactly 40 pairs of needles (not counting DPNs)… Well 39 1/2 pairs. My wooden size 19 is missing it’s mate. But it’s inventoried! And the description says it’s missing it’s mate, so I know I can’t use that size until it’s mate turns up.

Also (since I didn’t do it yesterday)- I want to show you my needle inventory and what I’m willing to part with:

Here are all my circular needles

Not shown are the 3 1/2 pairs of straight needles, my 11 DPNs (that’s TOTAL, not 11 sets), and my 11 crochet hooks.

Here’s the expanded view:

The left envelope is all my ADDI Click Interchangeables… and my ChiaoGoo needles (note the red cord). Since I’m currently using the size 11s for my Aunt Linda blanket- the ChiaoGoo’s are just visiting that spot in the envelope.

Here’s a closer view of the right envelope:

Needles I’m giving away (You just need to pay for shipping):
1. The grey circle on the right side is highlighting the pink plastic needles. I’m not particularly fond of pink or plastic, which is why these are on this list. They are size US 15 (10mm), they measure 29 inches tip to tip, and the join is pretty smooth on them.
2. The yellow circle on the left side is highlighting two needles. Both of these are my short tip needles. The left one is Clover Takumi brand bamboo circular needles. They are US size 8 (5 mm), they measure 17 inches tip to tip, and have a smooth join.
3. The right one in the yellow circle is Boyle brand metal circular needles. They are US size 10 (6 mm), they measure 16 inches tip to tip and have a slight bump near the join, but it does not impede stitch flow.
4. The light blue circle in the middle is highlighting the joins of two metal needles. If you pop two needles over to the right- there’s a blue one with the same kind of join. They are US size 9 (5.5 mm, gunmetal one on the left), US size 8 (5 mm, silver metal one), and US size 11 (8 mm, blue metal one).  I’m not particularly fond of the join. It slightly catches the yarn as it passes over.

And of course

The Knitter’s Pride Dreamz (left) and the Knit Picks Caspian Interchangeables (right) that I reviewed earlier are still available. Both are US size 8 (5 mm), 40″ cable.

So that’s eight different needles I would like to part company with. And as always- If you have an interest in any of them, please contact me at adaisknitATgmailDOTcom. We can work out the shipping details.