I’ve hit critical mass.

I won’t say I hate this blanket (because I don’t), but I desperately want to

Usually when I hit critical mass – I just switch to another project. And
when I get sick of that one- I switch to a third… either that, or back to the
first one. It’s mental trickery. Yes, you may be doing the exact same
thing for both projects, but because you’re not looking at that one project
hour after hour, day after day- it FEELS different.

But I can’t switch to something else. This one is due THIS WEEKEND.

*sigh* Shoot me.

But- this is a learning experience in several ways. First off- from now on,
I will ALWAYS allot at least a month for a blanket. I don’t care if it’s a
baby blanket or a full-sized adult blanket- it will take at LEAST a FULL
month (probably two months for a full-sized adult blanket). This will
allow me to put a smaller project or two in there, so I won’t hit critical
mass again. Or if I do- I won’t hit it sooo hard.

Second- I’m changing up my mental project queue. With the exception of
Treveon’s baby blanket- no more projects larger than scarves for the rest
of the year. With November being a knitting blackout month (I can do
small stuff, but nothing serious or deadline-y), and December being…
oh… CHRISTMAS – I can’t realistically commit to any other big projects
between now and then. Doing so will be bad for my mental health.
I also signed up for a Halloween Monster Swap on Ravelry. At the time (I
did it a few days ago), I thought it would be a nice thing to sandwich in
between bigger projects. NOW – I just want to do it, because it’s
something different and fun. I’ve done swaps before – mostly fingerless gloves; and I like receiving packages from different places.


So that means steeking will have to wait till next year; and all the non-hat,
non-scarf, non-gloved clothing items have also been pushed back to next