Day 24: Took Kit Essentials

I guess I have two toolkits. I carry folding scissors, flexible Knit Picks stitch markers, and 4 tapestry needles with me AT ALL TIMES, in an unused sunglass case. I also have a Fix-It keyring that came with one of my knitting magazines. It stays with my keys. So that’s what travels WITH me.

At home:
I have various retractible tape measures all around the house. The cat likes to play with them, so they are never where I last left them. I also have a straight ruler (for when I can’t find a tape measure). I have a pair of (mostly) dedicated scissors. I have 11 crochet hooks – I can’t crochet, but I use those to fix mistakes. I have several sets of dangly stitch markers (plus the supplies to make more), several gauge rulers/needle sizers, some conductive thread for hand gloves, MORE tapestry needles (they walk away about as often as my tape measures), a bunch of rubber bands (to keep my project from coming off the needles when I’m done for the evening) and rust-resistant push pins for blocking. Oh, and I just bought a knit-picker and several knitting thimbles for colorwork.

I do plan to get some sort of blocking tile set sometime soon.


Day 25: Knitting and Crochet Tools

Today is all about gathering your knitting/crocheting tools in one place. It also talks about duplicates and giving things away.

I’m sorry, but the vast majority of the things in your crafting toolkit – especially the small things – tend to grow legs and walk away. So even if you have six of the same item – all you have to do is blink twice, and half of them have disappeared. (If you have a pet- it’s probably their fault, but things still move on their own.)

Now- I will give my tools out to any one who needs them (need a stitch marker? Here you go. Tapestry needle? No problem), BUT as soon as I start distributing my duplicates intentionally- the rest will run away and I won’t be able to find any of them.


Day 26: Storing Your Knitting and Crochet Tools

Today is all about making your tools easily accessible. Not counting the tools I keep with me (in my sunglass case), half of my ‘toolkit’ is next to my spot on the couch. The other half lives with my yarn. This way I have most of my tools where I knit the most, and the other half- well, I just have to get up to go get it. Accessible? Check. Just not if I’m being lazy. 🙂