Day 27: Knitting and Crochet Spaces at Home

Today is all about evaluating your crafting space.

  • Do you have adequate light to see your work easily?
    No. I’ve been thinking about adding a floor lamp next to me. The only
    thing is it may cause a glare because it’s directly opposite of the
  • Do you have enough nearby storage for the things you use frequently?
    No. There is not enough storage in my house in general – not just for crafting supplies.
  • Is it a comfortable place to sit for an extended time?
  • Do you have enough horizontal space to spread out if necessary?
    No. I usually have to keep my projects as compact as possible, to keep the cat off of it. So if it can’t be contained in my lap (at least until it’s stuffed and assembled)- I don’t work on it at home.
  • When you look at the space, how does it make you feel? Happy, overwhelmed, excited? It’s my living room. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to make me feel. I mean- I’d like more space in general, not just for us, but for the cat. Sometimes you can see the frustration that he doesn’t have a longer run (from one side of the apartment to the other) to go crazy with.
  • Do you prefer to work away from the everyday hubbub, or do you like to be in the middle of the action?
    It doesn’t matter to me. I can knit in the middle of a restaurant, or library, or car, or while walking. Location doesn’t much matter.

The idea of these questions is to create a work space that is as comfortable and functional as possible. I don’t have an isolated work space. I don’t technically need one right now. But I would like for my yarn and tools to have their own space someday. They may have to share it with fabric (for sewing), but other than that- their own space.