What is currently on my needles:

Okay, so most of you know that I had a deadline – I needed to finish Aunt Linda’s blanket by the time we left on Sunday:

  1. Aunt Linda’s Heirloom Blanket

    I didn’t make it. Not even remotely close. I’m just a little father along on this than last week. Hitting critical mass is rough! I left the yarn for it at home (mostly on purpose), so I really couldn’t work on it, once I started running out of the current skein. But she LOVES the colors, and raved about it at length to everyone who had the misfortune to call her on Saturday.

    Which leads me to the next WIP:

  2. Class Hat version 2

    I had to work on something else, both because I was running out of yarn for the blanket, and because I NEEDED to work on something else for sanity reasons. So I started another Class Hat. This one will have a sideways garter stitch brim, instead of ribbing, then you just pick up stitches along one side and continue up to the crown.

    I also had a mad dash to JoAnn’s on Sunday morning, before we left Aunt Linda’s. I think it was leftover crazy from hitting critical mass. But I NEEDED more yarn (yes- it was a NEED), and the green of the Class Hat, plus the red yarn I had in reserve (accidental Christmas colors) just weren’t calming the madness.

    So I bought a couple of bags of mill ends, and cast on in silver:

  3. Silver Cowl

    This is on US size 15s, and it STILL feels tight. So I may frog it and redo it on 19s. Oh wait- I’m missing one of my 19s. Looks like I need to buy some needles!

    And the usual suspects:

  4. Weasley Sweater

    LOOK! Photo! I have no idea why it looks so… red. The actual color is a nice deep burgundy/wine. See- this is why I don’t take pictures at home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also- if you’ll notice- there’s more than two needles there. Some stitches quietly slipped off the needles and were trying to make a break for it. But I caught them!

    And the two not yet on needles:

  5. Scroll Fingerless Gloves
    Sitting patiently in itโ€™s sandwich bag.
  6. Princess Lace Wrap
    A project for 2016.