Day 30: Maintaining Your Knitting and Crochet Organization

Today’s post is all about MAINTAINING the organization system that you have developed. As I have never HAD a system before- the worst part of this month was putting everything into Ravelry. I still have a few magazines to add, and I need to find (or take) pictures for the rest of my stash (it’s there- it’s just faceless), but mostly everything is in there.

I also bought a set of circular 19s, so when they arrive- I will add them to my needle inventory. Annnnnd I have

two skeins of Macaw

and one skein of Canary

that should arrive today from Knit Picks. I don’t normally like green yarn, but this one grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. It reminds me of my honeymoon cruise. Bright, tropical, and fun. No idea what it wants to be. Maybe something fun by Stephen West

Both colors have ALREADY been added to my stash. Not exactly sure how to add the birch wood US size 19s. They use the normal KP interchangeable cords. I already have a 40″ cord, and I ordered both a 24″ and a 32″ cord. Maybe I’ll list it like I listed my Addi Click interchangeables. I put them all with the shortest size listable, because I knew that I would never buy a 9″ circular needle. (I mean if the 12″ circulars hurt my hands- imagine the fun I’d have with actual 9″ circulars!) So I know those are my interchangeables. I think I will list the size 19s under 9″. Thanks for helping me decide!

So all I have to do is keep adding stash and needles as they arrive (or delete them as they leave), and my stash and needle inventory will always be updated. As for projects- I have two that aren’t in my Ravelry database. The silver cowl has been frogged until the needles actually arrive, so I will add that project when I restart it. As for the second Class Hat- I’m not sure I want it to be green. Green is not usually my go-to color, although it is one of Hubby’s favorite colors. So I may restart the hat in a different color (most likely)… and then I will add it to my Projects. I’ll save the green for something that is properly for the Hubby. Or that actually calls for green.