1. Aunt Linda’s Heirloom Blanket

I have four panels left to go on this one. That’s it. If I can finish one panel each day- this blanket will be ready for weaving in the ends and washing on Friday.

2. Washcloths

Two more to knit!


Once the blanket is done, I will need to cast on a few things.

1. My DC swap monster. (The knitting part is easy. The ___ part will take time. No meaty details, in case my swap partner follows my blog.)

2. My DC monster KAL for week 1 (which I think will be feet). Easy Peasy.

3. Hubby’s test socks.

If you’re counting- that will STILL only be four WIPS, since the blanket will be finished by then. 😀

BUT Hubby said that I will probably need to make my dad a blanket for Christmas. Hmm… time to start color coordinating ideas. I’m thinking a medium to dark grey and yellow. (His favorite color is yellow.) And maybe a third color as an accent. I’ll think on it.