Spotlight # 3: Aunt Linda’s Heirloom Blanket

I still like this picture the best

because it was taken AT Aunt Linda’s house, on the sofa where it will actually live.

Pattern: Lion Brand Treasured Heirloom Baby Blanket

-Caron Simply Soft, colorway: Orchid (1.3 skeins)
-Caron One Pound, colorway: Deep Purple (1.3 skeins)

1. I went up two needle sizes. Original pattern calls for US size 8 (5mm)
needles. I knit this blanket on US size 10 (6mm) needles. I tend to be a
tight knitter, so you may need to go up THREE sizes to get the size that I

2. Original pattern is ONE color, so you have to make a few modifications
if you want different color panels.
– Lace panels are always 12 rows (three lace iterations), except for the
first one. Since the first garter panel ends on an odd row – the first lace
panel has an odd number of rows, which evens out your count. After
that – always end the lace panels after you complete row 12. (Just think
of it as adding that 13th row to the garter panels.)
– Garter stitch panels (after the first lace panel) are supposed to be 27
rows, but if you are doing your blanket in more than one color- add a
row. Always knit the garter stitch panels to 28 rows (14 ridges). This
will mean your ending count on the WS rows will always be an even
number. It also means your color changes will not show on the right

3. I added a total of four panels. One increasing garter panel, one
increasing lace panel, one decreasing garter panel and one decreasing
lace panel. I was originally only going to add the two increasing, but the
very last panel would have had the wrong count. So I ended up with 19
panels, instead of the original 15.

Note: If you’re weaving in your ends as you go – don’t weave in on the
third row of your lace panels. It ends up looking like your openwork is
lazy and a little haphazard. Carry it up the side and weave it in on the fifth row (Row 1 on the first repeat).

Do what works for you, colorwise. Looking through the projects for this
pattern- I found that having the lighter color as the lace panel made it
stand out more. I was originally going to do sets. A garter panel and a
lace panel in the dark color, followed by a garter panel and a lace panel
in the light color. It didn’t look right to me. The lace pattern was lost in
the darker color. It just looked like the blanket had been attacked by
moths. So I ripped back and alternated color by panel.

Would I knit this pattern again:
Yes, but with a healthy amount of time between the two. Maybe a year.
The aggressive deadline for this blanket broke my love for it. (Even
though I did not make the deadline.) There is absolutely nothing wrong
with the pattern.

Also- next time I think I’d want to do a border. Maybe an I-cord border.