1. Dangercraft Swap Monster
I can’t show you pictures on this one, just in case my swap partner follows my blog.  I hoped to get more done this weekend, but I was a bit under the weather, so I hope to complete the knitting part of it today.  Then I’ll have ____ and ____ to do.  So it should be done this week.

2. Washcloths

Two more to knit!

3. DC Frankenmonster KAL
Week One is arms!  I chose Angus the Attic Monster as my base.
I used a random number generator for the preferences, and I generated:

-No stripes
-Different arms
-SIX different arms

Holy cow!  That’s a lot of arms!

Stay tuned!  Finished Object Spotlight on the Heirloom Blanket is coming up!

And once one of those is off the needles (probably the Swap Monster), I can cast on Hubby’s test sock.