This past Friday- I received a box from Knit Picks. For the life of me- I couldn’t remember ordering anything. This probably because I am used to 2 business days as a turnaround time for KP, and apparently anything more than that and I forget it exists.

I had placed an order on the previous Friday. Had it come on Tuesday (or even Wednesday) – I would have had no trouble remembering it. But apparently two more days gives me yarn amnesia. It wasn’t till I opened it and looked at one of the colorway NAMES, that it triggered a memory.

Ah yes- this is three of the colors for the original Doctor Who Tom Baker scarf that Hubby wants. Luckily for me- Hubby does not want all TWELVE feet. (YAY!!!!) ย Somewhere around five feet will be the perfect length for him. So I plan to follow the color pattern until I hit five feet, bind off, and add fringe. Oh, and I probably should mention that this scarf will not happen till either late December (when I need car knitting), or January. So- no rush to find the other four colors.

This is the color guide:

I love it, because it’s easy to remember:

Red is red bell peppers
Green is Bosc pears
Gold is Tumeric
Tan is roasted peanuts
Brown is tarnished copper
Purple is red onions
Grey is steel wool

The only problem is, is that the closest colorways for this are usually in 100% wool. As I’ve mentioned before – my area has mild winters, PLUS Hubby is hot-natured. So wool is absolutely out of the question. There are a few acrylic substitutions, but some are not close, and the only green listed is discontinued. So I’ll have to improvise on a few of the colors.

But- here are the colors I have:


Knit Picks Brava Worsted – Colorway Paprika 25719


Knit Picks Brava Worsted – Colorway Brindle 25721


Knit Picks Brava Worsted – Colorway Currant 25720

I’m reasonably sure I can find a grey in I Love This Yarn that is close to steel wool, so we can pretty much cross that one off the list, too.

That leaves finding an acrylic yarn for Green, Gold, and Tan.
Suggestions for Gold: ILTY Sungold 156 or Loops & Threads Gold 01613.

Suggestions for Tan: Bernat Satin Sable 04011 or ILTY Light Taupe 797.

That probably puts three choices in ILTY colorways, and leaves me with the problematic green.

In other green news, I was apparently overcome by the softness of the Mighty Stitch, because I have been watching for this:

It WAS out of stock. Not any longer. Preciosa Tonal, in the Bonsai colorway. And it is 100% merino wool. Not even Superwash! Overcome by the fumes that even the internet could not hide- I added it to my cart, and it came with the Who colors. *sigh*

It is pretty. And VERY soft. But I was supposed to stick to wool BLENDS. Which means WHATEVER I make out of it – I have to remember to HAND WASH. (How much do you want to bet that I’ll forget and felt it?)

Maybe I should NOT tempt fate, and keep it for a Ravelry goodie swap… HEY- that’s an idea!!!!! I have a monster going out next week who would LOOOVE to romp with this Preciosa!