1. Dangercraft Swap Monster
Didn’t get much done on this one as I would have liked. It was family weekend, and they kind of like for you to pay attention to THEM, instead of counting stitches and rows. But I only have _____ and ____ left, and then it can wing it’s way to my swap partner. So that will be Wednesday at the latest.

At any rate- I can’t show you pictures until I know my partner has received it.

2. Hubby Socks

I have been putting these off for a while. Knitting has to talk to me, and they weren’t ready to be knitted. Well on Saturday, just as I was binding off a simple garter stitch scarf, the socks jumped on a needle and said ‘Giddy Up!’

How can you argue with that?

So I’m about an inch or so away from turning the heel. My toes always look square until after they’ve been worn. Then they round out appropriately. But for now- they look like witch socks. 😀

(As for the scarf- it went immediately to family, and I forgot to get a finished picture of it. Ah, well.)

3. Washcloths

Two more to knit!

4. DC Frankenmonster KAL
Week Two is feet! Wow- I need to get moving on this- I still haven’t done the arms!

So the arms are:

-No stripes
-Different arms
-SIX different arms

And the feet are:

2 different, new colored legs.

In other news- I’ve been commissioned to do a child’s scarf.  Shouldn’t take too long.  What my Aunt (in-law) doesn’t realize, is that I think I might do one for her to match.

So- what’s on your needles this week?