Up till this year- I never understood the term ‘sweater weather’, in relation to knitting.

Logically- I understand that as the weather turns colder- you need something long-sleeved and preferably comfy to keep your core body temp up. But I never understood the need to KNIT said something, until this year. And I specifically never understood it, in relation to season changes. If I want to knit something- I just knit it. It doesn’t matter if I’m knitting a blanket in the summer, or if I’m knitting swimwear in the winter.

However- I am about two weeks into a sweater weather craving. I want to knit a sweater. I even know which sweater:

Cozy Cable Hooded Cardigan

This sweater (/hoodie/cardigan/WHATEVER-I-WANTS-IT!!!!) has been haunting me for about 6 years now. It hadn’t been aggressive about things before, it just would pop up every few months and caress my eyeballs. But now it’s added whispers. And promises. And it’s pretty!!!!

I even have the yarn for it. I’m just waiting to cast on.

But I have things that MUST come before it. I have a blanket for my father (for Christmas). I need to finish Hubby’s socks (easy peasy). I need to finish (start) Tracy’s second hat with ear flaps. And I need something for my MIL for Christmas. (There’s also the hoodie for my hubby, but I told him I probably won’t start that one till January.)

But what about the Helm’s Deep hat and gloves to match the scarf? Technically- those are wants, not needs. I won’t be cold this winter, as I do have hats and scarves and gloves ALREADY. So Helm’s Deep can actually wait.

But I itch to meet that Cabled Sweater (/Hoodie/Cardigan/WHATEVER)!