So I’m going to have to restart my dad’s blanket.

This will be the second restart, and oddly- NEITHER have anything to do with tv knitting. (Some people say they can’t knit and watch tv, because they will make tons of mistakes. But I’ve had no problems thus far.) I’ve been mostly knitting on it at work. And apparently I’ve been distracted enough to drop stitches (the reason for the first restart), and to skip a whole section of the chart (the reason for this restart). And all of this on breaks and lunch. Maybe I need to START watching tv, because obviously- I’m not distracted enough to focus.

So I will take a picture to document my progress (and also to prove that I did actually knit this much), because I AM going to count it for NaKNITmo. I may not have kept it, but I did knit it, and that counts for me. Oh, and for the record- I’m only going to count the 2,080 stitches that I have knit since the start of November. The other 3,900 stitches will not be counted. But since I will be knitting them again (and it’s November)- the second (or is it the third?) time will count. Maybe I’ll just insert a lifeline, then rip back to it. I know the rows up until I started the chart are fine…

And while I’m still behind on my goal (I need to knit 858 stitches a day to make my goal by the end of the month), I also know that I knit more on the weekends, than I do during the week. I average 2 rows on this blanket per break… that’s only 4 rows a day, which is about 520 stitches. Also I know that I have half of Thanksgiving to knit (writing on Thansgiving is completely out, but knitting is normal), and half of the following day. Followed by a whole weekend of knitting and writing. I’m still confident that I can make both goals by the end of that weekend. Leaving Monday the 30th open for validating and gloating. And maybe a victory lap with a baked sweet pastry. 😀
In other news- I completed another Charity Scarf.

I’m trying to use up the various skeins of miscellaneous yarn that I bought on a whim. Most of this stuff I’ll never use for me. Not because I don’t like it, but because I have a lot of one skein purchases (that don’t particular match anything else in my stash), and I’m trying to get into multi-skein projects. This scarf is exactly the same as the Hockey Scarf, only I knit it on US size 19s, instead of US size 11s. So I used less yarn. I doubt that I will have enough yarn left over for a FULL third scarf. Maybe I’ll do a toddler/child’s scarf. There’s enough left over for that.